How to Make Virgin Fandango!

The indigenous people Down Under were the First Australians. They were there on the island nation before it was a continent, and before it came under British colonization. Their cultures and beliefs are widely documented but it isn’t often that their produce is found across the seas. At ALTD Spirits, they wanted to change that very scenario. A 100% Australian spirits company, ALTD Spirits uses exclusive ingredients from Indigenous Australian farmers.

This is just one part of the story. The other side of the story is that the distillers want to explore the Australian landscape in search of botanicals that they could use to create alcohol-free spirits. The three spirits, all of which were among the winners at the 2021 London Spirits Competition are all named after Australian Cicada species. The species provide a natural soundtrack to the landscape.

The Three Spirits and the Cocktail

Green Grocer: A citrus-driven spirit, Green Grocer scored 87 points and a silver medal at the competition. Lemon myrtle, lemon peel, Tasmanian pepper berry, native thyme, and five other botanicals come together in this alcohol-free spirit. The spirit has a green herb freshness from the thyme and rosemary combination. It has a dry, earthy backbone because of the ironbark and sandalwood botanicals and finishes off with some heat and a satisfying burn from the pepper berry. While the spirit can be enjoyed over ice with a splash of tonic water, its taste is truly elevated as a part of the Virgin Fandango, a concoction straight from the distillery.

This Altered Fandango has that Australian twist that we love. The ALTD Spirits Green Grocer has an aromatic nose with an incense-like character, hay, lemongrass, green cooking herbs, and a whiff of smoke. It has a citrus-driven palate backed with plenty of herbal notes. The recipe is complimented beautifully with a lemon and basil shrub.


  • 45ml ALTD Spirits Green Grocer
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 15ml lime cordial
  • 20ml lemon & basil shrub


Get all the ingredients in a shaker together. Shake them well to mix it perfectly and strain the mix into a coupe glass. Top the cocktail with a salt rim and a garnish of basil. Et Voilà!

The other two spirits from ALTD that also took home silver medals from the 2021 London Spirits Competition were the Silver Princess and the Golden Emperor. Both of these were given 81 points by the judges who are a prominent part of the UK drinks industry. They are a mix of bar managers, bartenders, and spirits buyers who know what a consumer wants whether at a bar, a restaurant or an off-premise location.

Silver Princess is a fruit-driven spirit with the characteristics of berries, lime, and spice. The sourness of Australian Desert limes and the berry aromas of strawberry gum makes for an intense nose. The mouthfeel is silky and smooth but has a slight sharpness to it. The sugar-free non-alcoholic spirit can be enjoyed over ice or with ginger ale and a garnish of lemon wedge.

Golden Emperor is a luxurious choc-orange spirit with bittersweet orange notes. Sharp on the palate with a spicier finish, the nose of the Golden Emperor has a distinctive aroma of orange citrus with notes of roasted chocolate and raisins. It can be enjoyed with any premium cola, ginger ale, or kombucha. It can also be the base of an ALTD Espresso Martini.

ALTD Spirits believes in “drinking differently”. They believe that it is not just about being mindful of when and how much to drink but also what to drink. Breaking free from the shackles of alcoholic flavours, the spirits of ALTD are a set of uniquely handcrafted Australian botanical spirits.

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