Neff Extractor Fans

Each of the models in the Neff extractor fan range is designed to suit different styles of kitchen,Neff Extractor Fans Articles whether yours is classic or contemporary style kitchen. The fans are all efficient and quiet, and they can provide an elegant finishing touch to your cooking area. The benefits of having an extractor hood in your kitchen are that it keeps the air in the room fresh by cleaning the used air or replacing it with clean air. A Neff extractor fan effectively ventilates your kitchen so grease particles, dust, smells, smoke and excess heat are no longer effecting the quality of the air in the kitchen. It also regulates the humidity in your kitchen, which helps to stop mould and damp problems. Neff extractor fans come in six different styles. The Island chimney model has a dramatic design and suspends over a central island unit. This particular style is better for larger kitchens that have space for an island unit. But this style is not appropriate for more cosy kitchens that may have less space to spare. All of Neff’s extractor fans come with a choice of finishes- black, stainless steel, white and silver metallic grey.The Chimney model is a wall mounted extractor hood and is available in a range of specifications from basic to luxury innovative technology and from extra wide to standard size so it will fit in almost any kitchen. All of Neff’s extractor fans come with halogen lighting that is crisp and great for cooking under. Depending on which series of extractor hood you chose, the integrated lights install extractor fan either simply switch on and off or can be dimmed to create an ambient glow or a bright light.Both the Island chimney and Chimney styles of Neff extractor fan are designed to make a statement and a feature of your chosen extractor fan. The other four styles are designed to be less visible and to fit into a smaller kitchen.The Canopy hoods design fits perfectly under an overhead canopy kitchen unit. This design is great for people who do not want to make a big feature out of their extractor hood. It is better placed in smaller kitchens as it is discreet and saves valuable space in the kitchen. The Integrated Neff extractor fans are also designed to save space in the smaller kitchen. They can easily be hidden behind a cupboard or room door and can be pulled out when you need them so that they are not always on show.Neff’s Conventional extractor hoods are designed fit neatly under a kitchen unit. They protrude a little bit and the controls are usually positioned on the front giving easier access for people who are left handed or have difficulty reaching. The telescopic range of Neff extractor fans takes compact to the extreme. These extractor hoods are hidden in the wall and pull out when you need them. They are available in a range of finishes and can also be fitted with a decorative light pelmet. Neff Extractor Fan